Tatto Removal

Easy Way To Remove Old Tattoos And Make Rooms For New One

Tattoo removal

At Hair & Skin Club, we not only offer treatments for your damaged skin but also help you to remove your old and unwanted tattoos so that you can make rooms for the new ones. Our experts have immense knowledge about professional tattoo removal techniques and confident enough to offer you the right service as per your requirements.

We use Nd YAG laser technology to remove the tattoos from various parts of your body. This is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure to remove the upper layer of the skin so that patches and marks on that particular part can be removed completely.

What Is Tattoo

A tattoo is a technique of making designs on the surface of the skin with the help of ink, dyes and pigments. The ink is inserted into the layer of the skin which is known as the dermis layers. This changes the pigment and a tattoo artist can create various kinds of designs with the help of those pigments. Tattoos can be temporary or indelible.

How Laser Remove The Tattoo

In the process of tattoo removal through laser, the light is used to the tattooed area of the skin. The ink particles of the tattooed skin will absorb the light without damaging the surrounding skin tissues. The ink particles of the tattoo will absorb the laser energy and then gradually will shatter into smaller ink particles. As the days past, the tattoo gets fade away from the surface of your skin as a natural effect of body’s immune system. However, this process is not harmful or do not affect your skin in a negative way. This process is less painful than the laser tattoo removal procedure.

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